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Album Review: Goldfrapp - Head First
by Victoria Gonzalez

It's been 10 years since Goldfrapp's debut and there is no question the electro duo has inspired current pop artists and spurred countless imitations. Goldfrapp diverged from their dance feel with 2008's folky Seventh Tree, but have returned and shaped Head First into an album soaked with an 80's and optimistic pop feel. Rocket and Believer are two tracks guaranteed to pick up considerable hype, yet I can't help but feel this album lacks the attitude associated with Goldfrapp's last retro-dancey album, "Super nature."  The album is fun at first and pulls you in, but, eventually reveals it lacks an element and is tuned out to background noise. Nonetheless, this upbeat electro-pop record reflects the musical shifts that have been seen in each of their previous releases and displays a friendly collection of tracks that have commercial potential with its musical hooks. Alison's vocals are superb as her voice graces the beats and surrounds you with substance.  Voice thing is the only track out of place and suggests the inevitable shift Goldfrapp will take musically and artistically. I hope their next effort fills the void this album leaves.