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Album Review: Grizzly Bear - Veckatimest
by Kevin M. Seehousz

If you would’ve mentioned the words “grizzly bear” to me a couple weeks ago, I would’ve thought of a giant brown bear charging after me in the middle of the forest. So what comes to mind now? The beautiful sounds of a brilliant band from New York City. Edward Droste, the vocalist and guitarist for the band, formed Grizzly Bear in Brooklyn in 2004-2005. Droste was originally planning on a solo project, but after help from Christopher Bear, drummer and vocalist, on Grizzly Bear’s first album a four-piece band began to form. Chris Taylor and Daniel Rossen became part of the project, bringing woodwinds, electronics, more guitar and more vocals. Or as I like to say, “magic happened”.

Veckatimest, the band’s third album creates music that is ambient and melodic. The album begins with a song that easily gains the listener’s intrigue. “Southern Point” starts with a simple guitar riff that could be described as almost seductive, and then explodes into a complex mixture of melodies and vocal harmonies, while staying catchy and upbeat. The second song, “Two Weeks”, continues with being upbeat and catchy, and may also be the best song on Veckatimest. You will find that singing along to the atmospheric and uplifting vocals on the second track is unavoidable. Veckatimest will definitely be one of the best albums of the year. I recommend Southern Point, Two Weeks, Fine For Now, and Ready Able.