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Album Review: Hoolagang Teeroy - Gorilla Talk
by Bryan Miranda

Get familiar with Hoolagang's Teeroy. His latest project, Gorilla Talk, is an honest testament of his trials and tribulations as a street soldier. In a culture of capping and social media acting, Teeroy chooses to channel his individuality and truth to create music that is not only relevant to a general audience, but a real reflection of the rough realities that come with a hood upbringing. Teeroy directs Gorilla Talk as an opportunity to demonstrate his versatility as not only a heavy hitter classic spitter but a modern artist with versatile potential across the hip hop spectrum. Gorilla Talk is 11 tracks deep with a 28:30 running time, ideal for a fast paced listen.  

A project expressing not only the victories, but also trials and tribulations that come with the street life, Gorilla Talk will resonate with concrete veterans on a personal level. Throughout the project, Teeroy maintains an upbeat vibe and tempo to contrast his expression of dark topics. An evident student of The Notorious B.I.G., he demonstrates his capabilities of complex lyricism and vivid storytelling combined with heavy hitting hooks and punchlines. His goal with Gorilla Talk is achieved as he presents to the hip hop scene he is capable of being a contender for a top spot in his state and beyond.

Highlights/Personal Favorites:

Leeroy Story (Track 1): Teeroy’s intro to Gorilla Talk is a showcase of his cinematic storytelling. A classic boom bap vibe with thrilling details reminiscent of Notorious B.I.G.’s “Warning”, Teeroy successfully demands the respect of the “Golden Era” hip hop audiences as he bridges together both Old School and New School elements of hip hop with this track.

Stand Up Guy (Track 3):  This track is a Hustler’s anthem. Its catchy hook and chorus provides an anthemic record that will have anyone working hard for their money proud of their drive to become successful. The lyrical content is a salute to his self awareness, acknowledging his confidence in himself which will only inspire his audience.  

Do Better (Track 5): Taking on a more melancholy tone compared to the project as a whole, Teeroy takes a melodic approach to his delivery in both hook and verse. The outcome is arguably Teeroy at his best from a commercial potential standpoint.  This song also features local artist Bu$le Man who’s gritty delivery artistically compliments the record as a whole. The content is the selling point as both artists discuss the yearning to be the best version of themselves as a service to everything they love to do and everyone they love around them.