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Album Review: MGMT - Congratulations
by Luke A. Kalamar

Brooklyn based indie band MGMT recently "released" their new album "Congratulations". The reason released is in quotes is because someone recently leaked all of the songs onto the internet, allowing people to listen to the album long before it was due. In response to this, MGMT decided to put of all of the tracks to "Congratulations" on their website for people to listen to as streams. They didn't allow people to download it for free though, and instead give people the option of preordering the album at their own store or iTunes for when it comes out April 13th. Many people however have still been able to download the songs and get the entire album on their computers for free.

MGMT was first introduced to me by a friend who wanted me to watch a trippy music video. That music video was for their song Time to Pretend off their first album "Oracular Spectacular." After listening to the song and watching the music video, I immediately wanted more. MGMT had a sound that I never heard before, and their album was definitely fun to listen to. It came as no surprise to me when I found out that music legend Paul McCartney was a fan of MGMT. To me, having Paul McCartney as a fan is basically the ultimate honor any new band could receive. Admittedly though, I did what many MGMT listeners did, and primarily focused on listening to Time to Pretend, Electric Feel, and Kids. While I did give the rest of the album the respect it deserved, those three songs were the ones I played the most.

When I read that MGMT was trying to make an album where people would listen to all of the tracks, and not just three songs, it wasn't that shocking to me. Musical artists want people to listen to all of their songs on an album and not just the select best. Otherwise what was all that work for? While "Congratulations" doesn't have any tracks on it that are like Time to Pretend, Electric Feel, and Kids, the band definitely accomplished their goal. The album had the right amount of soothing lyrics and beats to keep me hooked throughout its entire run through. Songs like Flash Delirium, Congratulation, and It's Working are only three examples of the awesome music you hear on the rest of this album. They even have a 12 minute long song titled Siberian Breaks which is enjoyable to listen to in its entirety.

While some songs on the album are admittedly better than others, it doesn't get to the point where they completely divert your attention from the rest of the songs. Every single song is enjoyable to listen to, and this album most definitely does not disappoint. At the rate MGMT is going, one can't help but feel that their inevitable third album is going to be as excellent as the first two, and I eagerly await their future songs. Until then, pop "Congratulations" into your computer or car and crank up those speakers. You'll be glad you did!