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DJ of the Month: Abby
by Elizabeth Bui

November's DJ of the Month is the one and only host of Bangers & Mash, Abby Allegro! Read more about our local music director as she shares her experience being on The Core music staff, latest local music favorites, and the perks of being a part of The Core! You can catch Abby on the airwaves 7:00-8:00pm :) 
Name: Abby Allegro
Show Name: Bangers & Mash
Show Genre: loud rock (punk, hardcore, noise, metal)
Year/Major: Senior/Psychology
How are you involved at the station? 
I’ve been a DJ since my sophomore year and one of the station’s local music directors for a little over a year now!
Tell us a little about what artists/bands you’ve been listening to recently. 
Locally speaking, there have been some great new albums - I’ve been loving “querida hija” from Foxtails and ”Subtitulos” from Entierralos, and American Beauty & Goose Ranger both put out bangin’ singles recently. Outside of local music I’ve been listening to a lot of BAMBARA (RIYL: Metz, Girl Band, Heavy Lungs) and, since the weather is getting colder and sadder by the day, The National’s “Trouble Will Find Me” has really been hitting lately.
What is the meaning behind your show name?
I honestly don’t really know. Besides the fact that I play bangers on my show, I’m not working with a whole lot of meaning there. It’s definitely got the right energy, but stay tuned until I can think of a more substantial pun to use as a show name. I’ll get there before I graduate, I promise! 
What has been your favorite experience as a DJ?
Being a DJ and especially working in local music at The Core has allowed me to work with bands I love and give them the credit they deserve. Playing a song I like on my show and having the band reach out to thank me always adds like two years to my life expectancy. Also, I’ve been lucky enough to tag along for some official Core interviews (check out our interviews with Daughters and Gouge Away), which was an incredible experience.
Any advice for prospective DJs?
Have fun and (within FCC guidelines) do whatever the hell you want! Being a DJ is freeing because it allows you to explore your own music tastes, so don’t feel like you have to conform to anyone’s expectations of what your show should sound like. Play what you love and you’ll find a community of support behind you. <3