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Lady K's K-pop Kountdown - October 2017
by Katie Brownlie

1. Fantasy - JBJ (sexy boyband guilty pleasure)

2. Good Night - DIA (sticky-sweet girl pop over a tropical house beat)

3. Hellevator - Stray Kids (self-produced, hard-hitting, melodramatic EDM)

4. Here Come the Regrets - Epik High (feat. Lee Hi) (English-language hip-hop collab between Korea's most infamous rap group and Korea's ultimate soulful R&B vocalist)

5. I Wander - Ha:tfelt (aka YeEun from Wonder Girls delivers another cathartic blend of R&B and coffeehouse)

6. Juliette - Rainz (bright & funky '80s throwback)

7. Likey - Twice (instagram-inspired super catchy synth pop... with horns!)

8. Move - Taemin (sexy, groovy, Michael Jackson-esque dance bop)

9. O Sole Mio - SF9 (Latin-flavored k-pop. Basically k-pop's answer to Despacito)

10. Where You At - Nu'est W (EDM with killer vocals by lead singer Baekho aka Lady K's man)