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et al.

Punk, Goth, Industrial, Hardcore, Queercore

Playing artists like AFI, System of a Down, Mindless Self Indulgence, HIM, Alkaline Trio, The HIRS Collective, GEL, The Bravery, Interpol, Sanction, Thirdface.


Thursday, May 4, 2023 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

  Artist Title
4:00 PM  CO-ED DORMS  Milk Drinker
4:04 PM  Portrayal Of Guilt  One Last Taste Of Heaven
4:05 PM  Hot Water Music  Killing Time
4:08 PM  See You Next Tuesday  What A Funny Girl You Used To Be
4:12 PM  Altered Images  Changing My Luck
4:16 PM  Cerce  Fate
4:18 PM  Say Anything  Overbiter
4:21 PM  Chapters & Verse  Let Me Hear You
4:25 PM  !!!  Un Puente (feat. Angelica Garcia)
4:30 PM  Gouge Away  Fed Up
4:33 PM  El Alfa, Chael Produciendo, Cj, El Cherry Scom  La Mama De La Mama
4:35 PM  Imanbek, BYOR, LUM!X  Belly Dancer - LUM!X REMIX
4:37 PM  Pink Noisy  Donna Carmen
4:40 PM  Christian Death  Spiritual Cramp
4:43 PM  Billy Talent  Afraid Of Heights
4:47 PM  Dom Dolla  Pump The Brakes
4:52 PM  Viagra Boys  Worms
4:55 PM  Acraze  Take Me Away
4:58 PM  Dumpweed  Lucky Ain't So Lucky

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