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Punk, Post-Punk, Experimental, Alt. Rock, Powerpop

An introspective on different genres and bands’ histories.

Playing artists like Spowder, Sonic Youth, Screaming Females, Plumtree, Deli Girls, Arab on Radar.


Tuesday, July 26, 2022 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

  Artist Title
5:14 PM  Sonic Youth  Dripping Dream
5:22 PM  Frankie Valet  Soft Skin
5:25 PM  An Albatross  The Ballad Of The Electric Coyote
5:26 PM  Bury Yourself  Ultraromantic Notions
5:27 PM  Otoboke Beaver  Don't Call Me Mojo
5:32 PM  Screaming Females  Humanity Arranged
5:36 PM  Hunters  Deadbeat
5:38 PM  Kitten Forever  Black Ice
5:41 PM  Priests  Nicki
5:44 PM  Waax  Why
5:49 PM  Gouge Away  Subtle Thrill
5:51 PM  Slant  Enemy
5:53 PM  Mika Miko  Wild Bore
5:55 PM  Nots  Talk Show
5:57 PM  Pink Mink  Black Door
6:01 PM  Rejoicer  Lucid Intent
6:06 PM  AIDS Wolf  Some Sexual Drawings
6:20 PM  Spowder  My House Smells Like Kim Deal
6:23 PM  Ganser  Lucky
6:27 PM  Meredith Graves Band  Interference Fits
6:31 PM  Wombo  Snakey
6:33 PM  Sneaks  Faith
6:36 PM  Bad Waitress  Manners
6:40 PM  Slipknot  Spiders
6:46 PM  Destroy Boys  Cherry Garcia
6:50 PM  These Are Powers  Twin Remains
6:56 PM  La Machine  Who Is He?

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