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Sonny Knight And The Lakers - Help Me
Chris Bergson Band - The Bungler
Ralph Stanley - I Am Weary (Let Me Rest)
Steve Carl With The Jags - 18 Year Old Blues


Concert Review: Bombay Bicycle Club at Brooklyn Steel

UK-based indie rock band Bombay Bicycle Club made waves this January after announcing that they were ending their three-year hiatus and making new music. I have been a massive fan of them since 2011, and I was ecstatic to hear that they were getting back together. They later announced that they were going on tour across the United States to celebrate the ten-year anniversary of their debut album “I Had the Blues But I Shook Them Loose.” When I found out that one of their shows would be on October 8th at Brooklyn Steel, I did not...



DJ of the Month: Abby

November's DJ of the Month is the one and only host of Bangers & Mash, Abby Allegro! Read more about our local music director as she shares her experience being on The Core music staff, latest local music favorites, and the perks of being a part of The Core! You can catch Abby on the airwaves 7:00-8:00pm :) 
Name: Abby Allegro
Show Name: Bangers & Mash



Album Review: Summer In Jersey

It’s A Hot Jersey Summer Have you ever wondered what a summer’s day in Jersey sounds like? This tape is the closest you’re gonna get to capturing the vibes of a sizzling summer’s day in the active garden state. If you know anything about Jersey summers, you know for a fact that on any given day there’s never a lack of waves or functions to go to. Even if the move is to sit on the steps or in a yard and share a moment with the homies, it’s never a slow summer. The tape is packed with a diverse, superstar...



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