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A Fang-Tastic Night At Spooky Sounds Coffeehouse
by Gianna Pecorella

We wore masks of a different sort to this Halloween-themed event than we may have expected to years ago, at our last in-person Spooky Sounds Coffeehouse. This year we reanimated Spooky Sounds for our first in-person event since the pandemic. Spooky Sounds was held at Chamber 43, a record, antique, and coffee shop all in one, on George Street. Each local artist that performed was scary-good, including some of our very own DJs and trainees who played spooky sounds from a guitar and microphone in place of a board and transmitter for a change. The night started off with experimental, electronic music with 80s gothic tones, and was followed by several tender acoustic sets. We heard heart-jolting favorites from performers covering Mitski, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, The Beatles, and Sidney Gish. Show goers swayed to steady strumming like trees in howling winds. Some notable characters haunting the hallowed coffeeshop included an ancient horizontal Rutgers student ID, a spotted lantern fly, and Arthur. All who dared to attend appeared to have a fang-tastic night, and lots of skele-fun getting into the Halloween spirit with 90.3 The Core.




Local artist Kyra Camille performing bone-chillingly beautiful original songs.


Spooky show-goers epitomizing utmost Halloween spirit!


Core trainees performing a haunting duet.