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Album Review: B.C. - Time Capsule
by Kanisha Mickens

The words distinct and fusion come to mind when listening to this interesting album. B.C. (The Black Child) is definitely using the art of hip hop when it comes to story telling.  The album itself was created for a purpose, to send a message, to make a point, to tell a story about hip hop from a futuristic, time traveler riding the rhyme, out of space point of view.   As a matter of fact, the quality of sounds and beats on “Time Capsule” also plays on that theme.  When listening to some of the tracks it takes one back in time to old school video games for Nintendo and the background ambiances captured in a movie about.  The lyrics eloquently make mention of today’s state of hip hop, consciousness, and politics.  While, it is a stretch to compare this brother to anybody else a hint of what to expect would be in the same zone with Mos Def, Talib Kweli, and Common because of the subject matters and lyrics.  Also, he can be placed in the same category with Outkast, especially Andre 3000 because of the futuristic, out of space theme.  This album is definitely worth a listen to just to go on the trip that the artist takes his listeners on with his story.