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Album Review: Brand New - Daisy
by Kevin Seehousz

Aggressive, emotional, intense: three words to describe Brand New’s album Daisy. This album is a huge step for the band, proving that they can still produce music that defines them and shows maturation throughout the years.

Brand New has been a band for nine years now and this is their fourth full-length album. This album, like the past three, is an almost complete different sound than the previous. While The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me showed that Brand New knows a thing or two about writing music, Daisy is a step above.

This album is something many fans did not expect, but are essentially blown away by. The album starts off with an early recording of “On Life’s Highway,” originally written by Bertrand Brown, and is cut 1 minute 24 seconds into the song by blaring distorted guitars and singer Jesse Lacey’s relentless yelling. This song, “Vices”, as well as “Gasoline”, “Sink”, “Bought A Bride”, and “In A Jar” offer a much more aggressive and loud Brand New than heard on any of their other albums. “Bed”, “At the Bottom”, and “You Stole” were written with qualities seen on Devil and God…, but with more experimentation.

Overall Daisy is an intense album with a lot going on. It is much more experimental and diverse than the band’s earlier recordings. Prepare yourself for noise and loudness in places you wouldn’t think to find, and it may take a couple listens to fully take the album in. I highly recommend Daisy to anyone.