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Album Review: Matt and Kim - Sidewalks
by Lauren Stern

Brooklyn indie pop duo Matt and Kim released their album Sidewalks on November 2, 2010 and so far it is gaining mass popularity; some even proclaiming it as one of the best albums of 2010. Matt and Kim returned with the hyper beats and energetic electronic synths they are known for, but the songs are a little less hectic and in your face as they were in their previous album Grand.

There are many tracks off this album worth mentioning, the best probably “Good for Great,” which has the most phenomenal introduction melody that they repeat in other parts of the song. The lyrics in that also will put a smile on anyone’s face having a bad day, since it is all about thinking positive through rough times. Another worthy song is their single “Cameras” which has become a fan favorite not only because of it’s fun tune but its lyrics encourage listeners to always remember the good moments in life. This album came out at a pretty good time of the year since tracks “Northeast” and “Ice Melts” is reminiscent of cold weather and the holidays.

Best album of 2010 would be a well-deserved title for Matt and Kim this time around. The album will definitely put a huge smile on your face if you are having a rough time getting through the semester or in general. Definitely recommended if you like addicting energetic melodies that you could dance to especially in a moving vehicle at red lights.