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Album Review: Our Last Night - We Will All Evolve
by Evan Vinjamuri

With Our Last Night’s sophomore release on their current label Epitaph, following the 2008 release of The Ghosts Among Us, they have once again set a standard for bands in the Metalcore/Screamo genres. They have perfected the art of balancing their screaming and clean vocals as well as contrasting their heavier riffs with chorus-like anthems in their own unique way. We Will All Evolve is Our Last Night’s way of letting the world know that they are capable of much more than creating just another CD to satiate the palate of your typical listener scouring the music world to find anyone who can provide them with a breakdown.

We Will All Evolve is a title all too appropriate for this album. The band's growth is apparent when listening to such songs as "Across The Ocean", for which a single genre cannot be determined but rather it sports elements from many different styles combined. Closing the CD with their title track, "We Will All Evolve", the final line that they leave lingering in everyone's minds is, "There's still progress to be made." This is their way of saying that they still have much room to grow and plan to continue making music and evolving as musicians.

While this record has moved the band in a heavier direction at some points during its course, it is in fact the softer moments of the CD, featuring clean vocalist and guitarist Matthew Wentworth, that give it a human feel and making it accessible to listeners. Despite the single, “Elephants”, which led some to believe that the band had made a change to the heavier side, the majority of the album doesn’t stray too far from the sound that many have come to know and love. Featuring a much more mature screaming vocal performance from frontman Trevor Wentworth as well as impressive instrumentals and hooks that are instantly unforgettable, We Will All Evolve is a comparable, if not a superior album to The Ghosts Among Us.