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Album Review: Peter Bjorn and John - Gimme Some
by Richard Siegel

Peter, Bjorn and John are an excellent band! They recorded this 11-track CD in Malmoe, Sweden. They sound like they could come out of the late sixties, early seventies with their songs, and I’m not complaining. All the songs are very good.

One track that stands out in my opinion is “I Know You Don’t Love Me,” the longest (and last) track on the CD. There is a strong drumbeat, and the lyrics are more somber than the song would sound if there were no lyrics. Another stand-out track is “Lies.” This song has more of a strong guitar, and the words are easy to understand. The message of betrayal, and how the singer is still in love with his ex, goes well with the angry-as-the-album-gets sound. “Eyes” has a very good beat also, and some very good guitar sounds.

This is, overall, a very good album. The songs go from angry at some points to happy at other points, all with very good beats.