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Album Review: Sade - Soldier of Love
by Afriyie "Free" Amankwaa

After a decade of absence – the jazz/soul singer Sade is back! I think it’s safe to say that Sade is a powerful figure in the music industry. For Sade, Soldier of Love is a work that continues her excellence from her last album, Lovers Rock.  After hearing the album, I can say confidently that this is another classic CD under her belt.

Each track explains her journey 25 years into her career. The song that stands out the most without a doubt is “In Another Time.”  The saxophone and string quartet allow Sade’s voice to dominate providing one heck of a jazz song – pure excellence. “Long Hard Road” is a track that is another testament to Sade’s astonishing skill as a songwriter and provides a dark tone to Sade’s vision of the future.

Without a doubt, this album invokes sadness, but ends with optimism on “The Safest Place.” The words on this song remind us about Sade’s confidence and ability to bounce back after tragedy strikes.  Good Stuff.

The album flows well, each song into the next, sort of like chapters in a book.  After listening to the entire album once, you can’t help yourself but to find the perfect track you can relate too and put it on repeat. Welcome back, Sade!