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Album Review: Trey Songz - Ready
by Afriyie "Free" Amankwaa

Usually, I would turn the other cheek when I heard any Trey Songz album, then I heard his latest work Ready. Trey Songz decision to put two mixtapes out this year, Anticipation and The Genesis has benefited him through his internet fanbase. Because of this wise decision, his album Ready is definitely a success.

Throughout the entire album, Trey Songz paints a picture of scenes that would happen behind closed doors.  Now, the act of making love has always been Trey Songz’s “bread and butter” in the past. However, this new album proves that he has lyrically grown from his previous works. With tracks such as “Does He Do It” or, You belong to Me,” I would recommend playing this album only at night.

Ready is a solid effort from the R&B crooner. The only thing that I would’ve liked to hear on this album is a song, or two, that actually gives us a sense of who Trey Songz actually is as a person.  Oh well, maybe we’ll get a sense of his struggles as a person on his next album.