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Concert Review: Camera Obscura
by Victoria Gonzalez

A rainy, stormy evening did not deter a sold out crowd from attending Camera Obscura's east coast portion of their US tour. The band has recently signed with 4AD records and have released their fourth album "My Maudlin Career". The highly anticipated followup to 2006's "Let's Get Out of This Country" has not failed in delivering the music Camera Obscura is known for, and shows promise of this notable band's star rising higher.

The crowd seemed curious as experimental violinist Anni Rossi opened up the show at Webster Hall on June 24th. While Rossi is classically trained, her music is anything but. But any skepticism soon disappeared as Rossi brought an enjoyable take on the use of the violin and sound. Her melodies and lyrics mesmerized listeners as she played, yet garnered the involvement of the crowd to sway along.

Finally, Traceyanne Campbell graced the stage to a round of applause and love from the audience. The lead singer of the six piece band from Glasgow strummed her guitar and began with the new album's title track, "My Maudlin Career". Immediately it seemed the audience collectively couldn't help but feel the happiness with their swaying and clapping together. Camera Obscura's music is a real mood booster with their nostalgic pop sound and catchy choruses. Charming lyrics and a light sound invoke the feeling of a lazy summer afternoon. If it doesn't make you a bit more cheerful, then their lyrics might tug a heart string and remind you of lost love.

The band launched into playing songs of their new album while playing old, loved tracks such as "80's Fan" and "If Look Could Kill". The atmosphere at the venue was enjoyable and friendly as a few complete strangers linked arms to dance along to "French Navy". Campbell and her band delivered an excellent set that pleased old and new fans.