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Concert Review: Celebrating David Bowie
by Photophobic Blonde

I went to the Union County Arts Center in Rahway Thursday night, October 27 to see Celebrating David Bowie.

The Arts Center theater is beautiful, and the staff went above and beyond to be helpful. A very wonderful place to see a show. The musicians that took part in this Tribute to David Bowie are as follows:

Very talented Adrian Belew
Singer-guitarist Todd Rundgren
Royston Langdon of Spacehog
Wonderful Angelo Bundini
And whoa Jeffrey Gaines
Excellent saxophonist Ron Dziubla
Excellent funky bassist Angeline Saris
And wonderful drummer Michael Urbano.

The show was sensational and fun. I danced the night away.
Just a note I have weak breathing muscles and can't sit too long oxygen sort of plummets, so I was given a standing room only spot with my snazzy walker and since I had to stand for my breathing muscles why not dance ... oh yeah dance dance dance!

For information about The Celebrating David Bowie Tour head over to :

Union County Performing Arts Center website is :

- Photophobic Blonde, DJ of Flipside Radio