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Concert Review: Kasim Sulton at the M Room
by Nana ("The Nightlight")

Kasim Sulton, in his own right, is an excellent performer singer/songwriter. He is well known for touring with Utopia, Todd Rundgren and Meat Loaf, but if you haven't seen him take a stage over by himself you are missing out on a wonderful thing.

The sound in the M Room was like magic for Mr. Sulton. He played for approximately 90 minutes and it went by too fast. Clever banter in between songs, an audience completely won over, and excellent guitar and voice. At one point he sang an inspired an a capella song entitled, Does Anybody Love You? A very powerful moment!

Stay away from Libertine was the chorus the audience sang as Kasim sang Libertine.

Kasim performed a song by Jason Falkner called Afraid Himself to Be. That was a great moment in the concert. It's a great song.

One World is always a crowd favorite and was the finale. It was over..........but it's ok. We will be hearing more from Kasim Sulton real soon.

To check out  music, concert dates and more visit him on myspace.