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Concert Review: MAX, Bryce Vine, EZI @ Irving Plaza
by Sophia Thai

Three incredible artists and a sold out NYC venue, would you believe me if I told you it was a Tuesday night? 

This past Tuesday, I was privileged enough to be guestlisted through the station to see EZI open for MAX at Irving Plaza. EZI is a 23 year old American artist who is signed to Steve Madden's label 5TownRecords. Born in NY, her dance pop hits are filled with meaningful lyrics and catchy melodies. Her music reminds me of an upbeat fusion of Billie Eilish and Kailee Morgue, although she has her own unique style of course. She released her EP Afraid of the Dark in January of this year, and new music is in the works. At the show, EZI was an amazing opener, and I can't wait for her to headline her own show. Her powerful vocals and stage presence started off the night perfectly. EZI's most memorable songs were "Anxious" and "DaNcing in a RoOm" from her EP as well as her cover of The Killers' "Mr. Brightside". EZI is definitely an artist to keep on your radar for 2019. 

Following EZI was Bryce Vine, a New York born rapper. If EZI didn't already leave the crowd pumped for the rest of the night, Vine amplified the energy of the crowd even more. His hip hop rap style was catchy and engaging to the crowd. I remember seeing him perform a couple songs at Firefly this year, but oddly enough, I never really got into his music until this show. The songs I really enjoyed were his newest song "Drew Barrymore", "Sunflower Seeds", and "Sour Patch Kids". "On The Ball"'s opening riff reminds me slightly of a more upbeat, beachy opening of Vampire Weekend's “A-Punk”. 

Closing out the House of Divine Tour was headliner MAX. MAX is the stage name of Max Schneider, a New York native who has always been in the spotlight. I first remember seeing Max in 2012 from the Nickelodeon show, How to Rock, and the original Nickelodeon movie Rags, which also featured Keke Palmer and Drake Bell. MAX's set was a lot more electronic dance music than I initially had anticipated, but it was an extremely fun set. 

The energy of the crowd was through the roof, and MAX captivated the audience with his stage presence and bright visuals. The show was filled with surprises for his sold-out hometown show; MAX brought out Joey Bada$$ for his hit "Still New York" and Hoodie Allen for their collaboration "Gibberish". MAX also shared a tender moment with his wife on stage when he performed "Lights Down Low", a song he originally wrote for his marriage proposal. Overall, the show was one of the most bass heavy shows I've ever been to, but it was an amazing way to spend my Tuesday night.