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Concert Review: Sondre Lerche at Maxwell's
by Georgia Cruz

On March 6th, Norwegian indie rock singer and cutie Sondre Lerche played a show over at Hoboken’s legendary music venue, Maxwell’s. Despite the premature St. Patty’s Day celebration, Lerche’s music was able to bring Hoboken at an ease during the night. To start off the night, he played “Good Luck” from his new album, Heartbeat Radio, which then perfectly segued to Airport Taxi Reception. His set throughout the night also consisted of hits such as Two Way Monologue, Phantom Punch, and Sleep on Needles. At one point, Lerche even took an ambitious risk of doing a cover of The Who’s I’m a Boy, which he valiantly professed that he was, indeed, a boy.

The crowd loved the vibe Lerche brought to Maxwell’s. It was almost as if the entire city of Hoboken were on a date with him as he mesmerized the crowd with his sweet lyrics and his smooth guitar skills. What I truly admired about Lerche was his connection with the crowd. In between songs, he had witty remarks about his Norwegian Grammy nomination, The Jerry Springer Show, parking in Hoboken, and music producer extraordinaire, Timbaland.

At the end of the show, Lerche’s final song, which is my absolute favorite, was Modern Nature. During this song, the crowd sang along with Lerche in perfect harmony. It was an amazing sight to see and hear in such a small venue! Plus, it was a fabulous way to end his show. As much as the crowd was happy to see Lerche perform, Lerche himself was more than happy to spend the night at Maxwell’s with his fans.