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Concert Review: Welcome To New Brunswick
by Ozzie Zakusilo & Sam Daley

Local New Brunswick band Latchkey Kids recently just released a brand new single, Mo(u)ring Anthem, and In order to celebrate this single release, they held a release party concert at the Second Reformed Church, on College Ave. alongside other hometown New Jersey bands, Tula Vera and See Plus.

The show made the perfect back-to-school giveaway, and thanks to Latchkey Kids and Save the Cat Touring, two lucky Core listeners were able to win free tickets by participating on our instagram @thecorefm. I went with some fellow DJ's to table and give out information regarding The Core. We were able to talk to people interested in joining the station and hand out some of our neat freebies. Talking to the bands after doing their soundchecks was also really awesome, and it was exciting to get to hear them set up for their setlists.

The night started off with the alternative indie rock band See Plus. See Plus is a pretty common sight around here, I've been following them for a few months and it was awesome to get to see them up on stage performing. As an opener, they certainly got the crowd very excited and ready for the other bands. See Plus has a really fun sound, an alternative indie rock sound that ranges from loud, noisy, energetic rock, to chilled-out indie music to sway along to. See Plus is awesome for having that variety within a lot of their music, the standout from their setlist was easily “I'm So Cold,” one of their singles. Hearing the powerful vocals paired with the breezy sounding guitar was amazing, and made all the more fun when the moshpit started up.

The Latchkey Kids gave a fantastic performance. The room was packed and the stage was aglow. Halfway through the set, the band asked the audience to come closer to the stage to have more intimacy. Soon enough, even more dancing from the audience began. Even though it was late at night, the band had the energy and enthusiasm to go on for hours. Latchkey Kids was worth my while and a great underground name for anyone who wants to get into the scene! An overall A+ and unforgettable performance.

Tula Vera closed off the night. Tula Vera describes their music as “Spooky Blues with a psych-punk rock edge” and that is definitely what they brought to the show. They mostly played music from their latest album, The Moon and Her Creator. The amount of variety that album holds, between more laid-back songs to more intense punk rock rage makes it unique. They brought the punk feel and attitude, especially on stage. The energy in the crowd was intense, to say the least. Tula Vera brought insane energy to the show, and watching them on stage was electrifying. I feel like ultimately they stole the show with their stage presence and intense music. The way they were able to engage the audience was impressive, inviting the crowd to sing along, and the guitarist even dipping their instrument into the mosh pit and letting everyone play around on the strings! Great performance overall.

Where to find the Artists:

Latchkey Kids -

Tula Vera -

See Plus -

Latchkey Kids


Tula Vera's Claire Parcells on Vocals/Guitar


Tula Vera's Dylan Drummond on Guitar/Vocals


Members of the Band See Plus: Nick Tabakci, Miles Dellaha, Jake Linsalata and Alex Fiume