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Core-union At Alumni BBQ 2022

Yesterday we hosted our annual Alumni BBQ, a fun-in-the-sun event that brought DJs from various locations & generations together to eat summer foods & reminisce about favorite Core memories! We had about 30 DJs show! This was a much anticipated gathering, since we were unable to have our BBQ for the past two years. We had hamburgers, veggie burgers, hot dogs, tortellini salad, watermelon, popcorn, selzers and sodas galore. DJs brought out The Big Tent with our logo on it to stake a claim on some shade.

One alumnus recalled his outstanding efforts to establish our Music Staff, communicating with countless promoters to ensure our station received fresh tracks to spin in the studio. Another alumnus discussed her spite-driven efforts to learn code from scratch so she could build our electronic college radio logs. A few attendees reintroduced an on-going debate about whether The Core should be referred to as "our station" or "the station". What do you think? I have no comment... for now. Other topics of conversation were basement show houses, past IBS conferences, radio show names and DJ names, and early-morning radio show slots. We thank everyone who shared their Core stories with us.

It felt like a family reunion of sorts, with some distant relatives you have never met, but have affection for anyway. Many thanks to all who made this day so special! We can't wait to see everyone again next year!