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Corenucopia '22

Feeling grateful for the amazing night we had at this year's Corenucopia!

The night began with a bang, or rather a clap, as the audience kept time for the singer, and DJ Mary Heyns: Photophobic Blonde, host of Flipside Radio.

We eased into the evening with a chill jazz duo Ariana Sowa on saxophone and Jacob Hurlock on keyboard. 

Kristin Field followed and played a roaring and showy set with many an intense sax solo that contrasted her shy and polite demeanor. 

Stir-Fried cooked up an amazing set to end the night, showing off some original tracks. 

Here are some of our favorite moments! 

Ariana Sowa and Jacob Hurlock duo-in' it up right!


Kristin Field & Band