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December DJ of the Month: Joe

December’s DJ of the Month is the iconic voice of Thursday show Zebraforce AND our station’s essential production director, Joe! Joe does it all. Get to know Joe and his work at the station in our interview below :) 

Name: Joe Cabral

DJ Name: Joe (lmao i'm so creative i know)

Show Name: Zebraforce

Show Genre: Punk Rock, Metalcore

Year/Major: 2021 / Industrial Engineering & Statistics

How are you involved in the station?

I run the production department! Throughout the year I get to make promos and calendars that every DJ gets to (involuntarily) play during their shows. It's a lot of fun writing and recording in the studio, since I get to refine my voice and learn technical skills along the way. I'm also helping out at the metal department - we request, receive, and review albums for the station's metal rotation. Found a lot of new artists through the people I've been working with here, which is awesome.

Tell us a little about what artists/bands you've been listening to recently.

Oh boy, do I have some obsessions. I found out the other week that I spent over 135 hours this year listening to Zebrahead, so yeah, they're my favorite band, a bit of a combination of punk rock and some rap elements. They're a funny bunch, which is why I like them. I'm also REALLY digging a few different post-hardcore and metalcore groups, like Dayseeker, Northern Ghost, Above Below, and a bunch more. I'm a little bit all over the place but the more artists I find, the better.

What has been your favorite experience as a DJ?

Not listening to my own voice, that's for sure. Low-key still tough to get used to that. My favorite experience here as a DJ is still my first show! I don't remember it too well, but it was the end of my freshman year, and I was just in one of those feel-good stretches. I got the show schedule, bussed on over to the station, and probably presented the most awkward mic breaks central Jersey had seen all year. But it was the start of something awesome, and things only got better from there.

Any advice for prospective DJs?

Play what you want! Seriously! I went through a period where I was a little embarrassed of my music taste and tried to mask some of it - DON'T do that! Be you, your music taste is awesome and you rock. Never forget that.