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DJ of the Month - DJ Charlie
by Elizabeth Bui

July’s DJ of the Month blesses our airwaves every Friday, our beloved Promotions Director, Gianna Pecorella! Read below; DJ Charlie speaks at length on their 90.3 the Core experience, riot grrrl, the sheer bliss that is meeting Screaming Females, and much more! 

Name: Gianna Pecorella

DJ Name: DJ Charlie

Show Name: Good Grief!

Show Genre: Rock

Year/Major: Rising Sophomore intending to major in English and Gender Studies with minors in Creative Writing and German.

What made you want to join The Core/Exec Staff? 

I probably would have transferred schools if I hadn’t found such a fun, accepting, creative environment at The Core. The station (and the underground punk scene) quickly became an important part of my college experience. I wanted to contribute more to its future success and also continue having it be a place where new DJs can find belonging.

What’s the story behind your show name? 

It’s just a bunch of disjointed meanings. My late-father and I both really liked the Peanuts, so that’s one part. I also wanted to go by Charlie over the air because some of my friends started calling me that first semester. It’s a short, sweet, not-gendered name that also belongs to the protagonist of Perks of Being A Wallflower. Also, a lot of the songs I play tend to be kind of sad, but good, hence “Good Grief!” Last part of it is about the occasional self-embarrassing stories I tell during mic breaks called “Good Grief!” moments. None of this has anything to do with the music I am playing, so I debate renaming my show every now and again.

Your show features a lot of female artists in the rock genre. Where did you find the motivation for the focus of your show? 

Oddly enough, it didn’t start that way. I thought I’d play Nirvana-type tunes, but then I thought about bands like Bikini Kill that are not given the same amount of attention or have their musicianship and ideas taken seriously because they are women. In high school I got into Riot Grrrl and that changed everything. I always think about all the systems of oppression female artists act under and fight just to be recognized, and it makes me angry, which in turn motivates me to search for talented females artists in rock to feature on my show. I’m inspired by these women unafraid to vocalize their struggles, and want to make music like them in the near future as well.

Tell us a little about what artists/bands you've been listening to recently.

Some artists I’ve been listening to lately are Screaming Females, Mannequin Pussy, Ian Sweet, Heavens to Betsy, Perra Vida, Angel Olsen, Gouge Away, and Plumtree. Mostly loud female-fronted bands. A couple weeks ago I ended up at a Screaming Females (from New Brunswick) secret show, and Marissa Paternoster shredded less than a foot away from me! And then I willed myself to talk to her afterwards and she gave me a hug and called me “mama” and I’m still freaking out! Anyway I love grrrls!

What has been your favorite experience as a DJ?

My favorite experience was going to the IBS (Intercollegiate Broadcasting System) Conference back in March! I was excited to travel to New York City with my fellow Core DJs and get to know them better, as well as learn more about college radio. Battle of the Bands On Ice either ties or falls close behind.

Any advice to new/prospective DJ’s?

Don’t be afraid to give college radio a try! Shove aside your self-doubts. If you feel you don’t know enough artists to do a radio show, you’ll soon enough discover plenty! You’ll get better at mic breaks and you’ll feel more confident overall in time. It’s scary at first, but when you come into the station with a goal or purpose in mind, you will end up viewing this responsibility as a worthwhile commitment to be proud of. Also… please play more women, people of color, and LGBT underground artists on your show and less white cis bro jam bands… thanks!