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DJ of the Month - DJ Kat & Jukebox the Soph
by Julia Schaefer

January's DJs of the Month are two powerhouse members of the Core executive staff! You can thank Sophia for planning some of this past Fall's most exciting events like the Spooky Sounds Coffeehouse and CORE-nucopia. You can also thank Kat for heading our music department (all that cool new music you hear on the air? Without DJ Kat that wouldn't be happening!) Most importantly, you can credit them with bringing some excellent music to the air with their show Toast and Alternative Jams. It was great to talk with both of them and learn how this dynamite duo got their start.

Names: Kat Kusion and Sophia Thai

DJ Names: DJ Kat & Jukebox the Soph

Show Name: Toast & Alternative Jams

Show Genre: indie pop rock/alt rock

Year/Major: 2019/Cognitive Neuroscience & 2021/Engineering

What positions do you hold on Exec?

Kat: Head Music Director

Sophia: Events Coordinator & Rock Director

How long have you been at 90.3 The Core?

K&S: We both joined just last fall!

What are some of your favorite artists?

S: Jukebox the Ghost, hands down. After all, Jukebox the Soph is my DJ name, and they got me into indie music in the first place. Also, I really love Jon Bellion, Half Alive, Bleachers, Magic Man, The Killers, Banners, Oh Wonder, Sia, and NF.

K: Bleachers, Jack Antonoff is my favorite person on Earth. Also, Young the Giant, Father John Misty, The Front Bottoms, Alt-J, Hippo Campus, Rex Orange County, Portugal. the Man, Glass Animals, and Mac Demarco.

How did both of you decide to do a show together? Are there ever any conflicts?

S: We met last year during training and realized we loved some of the same bands. There hasn’t been any conflicts, but Kat’s late to the show a lot.

K: 10am feels a lot earlier than it sounds.

What do you love about being a part of The Core?

S: I love having a radio show that my friends can tune in to, it’s so fun to share the music you like. It’s also been great being able to plan events for the Core!

K: It takes up all of my time! (In a good way)

Any advice to new/prospective DJs?

K: Get involved at the station! Also go to CORE events, they’re always fun! You might meet your best friend here, just like I did!

S: Thanks Kat! First thing, make a set list for your shows! It’s so helpful when you first start out. Second, there’s so much you can get involved with at the station and you might find that you’re truly passionate about something, so definitely get involved like Kat said. Last thing, don’t be afraid to talk to anyone on exec, we’re all very friendly.