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DJ of the Week: DJ Julia from Beat Surrender
by Katie Brownlie

The school year may be over, but The Core never rests! This DJ of the Week introduces Julia, our new Webmaster for 2018-2019!



Name: Julia Schaefer

DJ Name: DJ Julia (creative, I know!)

Show Name: Beat Surrender

Show Genre: Rock/Classic Alternative

School/Year/Major: SAS/Junior/ITI & English Major

Hometown: Old Bridge, NJ


How long have you been at The Core?

Since my freshman year, so three years now! It doesn't feel like it's been that long at all, though.


What made you want to join The Core?

I love music, especially old music, and one thing I love in particular is playing cool, weird, or rare finds for other people and hoping that they enjoy it! Radio seemed like a natural choice for someone with these interests.


What got you into music?

I used to listen to nothing but music from video games, up until 8th grade when I went through my parents' CD collection, which was life-changing. I grew up with the Beatles and David Bowie, sure, but I also have my parents to thank for some deeper cuts, among them being Soft Cell, Kate Bush, and DEVO. Eventually, I got into some stuff that even they were shaking their heads at - long-lasting favorites include glam, synth-pop, art-rock titans Sparks and 60's pop-crooner-turned-experimental-genius Scott Walker.


Coolest experience as a Core DJ?

I really enjoy getting calls from folks who have just tuned in and like what they're hearing. It's nice knowing that you can reach out to strangers and bond with them on some level over music.


What do you love about being a part of The Core?

Well, the people at The Core are great. I've met some wonderful friends through my time here - especially my first co-host Kelsey. We bonded over a mutual love of Depeche Mode and went from being total strangers to great pals. She graduated last year, but her legacy lives on (the name "Beat Surrender" was her idea.) Afterwards, I was really lucky to get my friends Jake and Evan to help me co-host, and working together with them has really brought us closer. 


What do you do for The Core besides being a DJ?

I was the Operations Administrator this past year, and I'm also going to be the next Webmaster, so you can catch me posting on the site starting summer/fall 2018.


Advice to new/prospective DJs?

To new DJs: Go to events and get to know your fellow DJs! Chances are you will meet cool people and potential friends. Also, dig through the music library, there's a lot of great albums secreted away in there.

To prospective DJs: get out there and do it! There are no downsides. I don't know a single person who's ever said to themselves "boy, I really regret becoming a college radio DJ".



Editor’s note: This is Katie, signing off as your Webmaster! I’ve had a great time maintaining our lovely website and social media. I know Julia is going to do a fantastic job, so please welcome her with open arms! And don’t worry, I’ll still be helping to run the station next year. You can’t get rid of me that easily ;).