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DJ of The Week: Naadiya Drake
by Katie Brownlie

Introducing the first of our DJ of the Week series! 

For DJ of the Week for the 3rd week of October 2017, we have our rad News Director, Naadiya Drake!


Name: Naadiya Drake

School/Year: SAS/Senior

Hometown: Willingboro, NJ

DJ Name: Diya Drake

Show Name: Vibe Radio

Show Genre: Urban (Hip Hop, R&B, neo-soul, jazz) 


How long have you been at the Core?

I joined my freshman year spring semester.

What made you want to join The Core?

I've always loved music. As I got older, I became more interested in the artists and the creative process. I knew I wanted to interview different artists and delve deep into the music scene in the community. All in all, I just love being a part of this environment. 

What got you into music?

I've just loved music for as long as I can remember. I love listening, going to concerts and performing myself. It’s such a beautiful form of expression and a great way to say what you need to say.  

Coolest experience as a Core DJ?

For the past two years, I've had an awesome poet from the New Brunswick area, my friend Overlord Ike, come on my show and perform original pieces for Domestic Violence Awareness Month. We’ve discussed myths about interpersonal violence, bystander intervention, his involvement with Scream Theater and much more.

Why do you love being a part of The Core?

There is a strong team work ethic and if I need help planning and organizing, I know I will always have help. Everyone has been really nice and inviting.

What have you done for The Core besides being a DJ?

I am also the News Director and host one of our news programs. (Note: If you are interested in joining The Core News Team, email Naadiya at

Any other cool stuff you’ve done outside of radio?

I was the Emcee for the TedxRutgers 2017 Conference. I had the awesome opportunity to introduce each speaker and perform two of my original poems. The pieces I performed were narrative stories of an underdog. Often, we overlook the small stories that play a vital role in new innovations, technology and discoveries. The theme of this year's conference was "Footnotes" and we delved deep into these stories.  

Advice to new/prospective DJs?

Don't be afraid to have your own show or get involved! There's so much to do at the Core and I've had some awesome experiences!