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DJs of the Week: Ally & Dasha from Modern Day Woodstock
by Katie Brownlie

Names: Ally Sandra Carcich and Danielle Levine   

DJ Names: Ally and Dasha 

Show Name: Modern Day Woodstock

Show Genre: Rock                                    

Major/Year: Ally - Sophomore in Mason Gross, Dasha - Junior Psychology Major. Both also double majoring in Art History

Hometown:  Ally - Little Fairy, NJ, Dasha - Fair Lawn, NJ. 


How long have you been at 90.3 The Core? 

We both began DJ-ing a year ago, having trained in the fall semester of 2016. 


What made you want to join The Core?

Dasha: I really missed doing something music-related, as I've been in choir and bands for the majority of my life. I tried Vorhees choir out here at Rutgers, but it wasn't my thing. After going to basement shows and meeting people who said they were in The Core, I decided to train as a DJ.

Ally: Music has always been a great passion of mine, and working at radio stations somewhat runs in the family, so I figured it would be a good fit - luckily I was right!


How do you decide about what music to play or the direction of your show? Do you ever disagree?

We are all about rock and roll: Soft rock, classic rock, indie rock, alt rock, psychedelic rock, stoner rock, garage rock, dad rock, grunge rock, blues rock, math rock -- you name it. We also rarely disagree on music choices. If anything, we introduce each other to new music, and are constantly discovering new bands. 

It's pretty surprising to us that not only our music choices are similar, but we're pretty similar as people. If it weren't for the Core, we actually would have never become friends, as we met at the first general Core meeting!


What has influenced your tastes in music?

We were both born and bred on rock from our fathers, and tend to love everything rock, punk, indie, blues, etc. 

D: My father specifically loved the Grateful Dead, so naturally I am a Deadhead. My mother is a classically trained musician, so from her I've learned to love blues and jazz. 

A: My dad raised me on the strokes and everything punk rock related. We constantly played guitar together, and we even had a so-called "Daily dose of Floyd," in which we'd listen to a different Pink Floyd song everyday. 


What has been your coolest experience as a Core DJ? 

D: Our coolest experience as DJ's would have to be going up to bands after shows and giving them interviews as an "official Core DJ". We then talk about the concerts and interviews on our shows. Specifically, Ally and I went up to a band called the Plastic Faction after they played a show, and they gave us their EP for free. Ally became friends with the band, and she still periodically speaks to them.  


Any advice to new/prospective DJs? 

The Core is an amazing place to meet people and make friends - definitely get involved, and if you're already a DJ sub as many shows as possible! You'll find that it's not just you talking to yourself on a mic, but that people actually listen to your show and are interested to hear the music you play.