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Exec Staff Study Playlists

Make sure to check out these personalized study playlists curated by our very own Exec Staff members to help you get through the rest of the online semester! Hope you enjoy and happy studying! 

1. Remote Yearning by Liz (Tech Director)

Description: For anyone looking to stay alert during your evening study session, this is the playlist for you! Whether you’re the antagonist of an 80s sci-fi movie or a student doing your control systems problem set, this mix of electronica, digital hardcore, and shoegaze can be your soundtrack. Happy studying!

2. Galaxy Brain Hour by Elvis (Music Director) 

Description: This playlist is for everyone to listen to while fighting the void inside themselves while studying and attending their zoom classes! Quirky and original, this playlist has a collection of various genres ranging from J-Hop, Shoegaze, City Pop, and much more! So open up those books and tune into this playlist made by Mr.giveyourgirlback from the grand slam.

3. Active Recall by Sophie (Webmaster) 

Description: If your favorite method of studying is going through roughly 500 flashcards the day before your exam, this playlist is for you! The clashing genres of jazz-rap, experimental house, and indie folk-rock will shock your brain into automatically consuming all of the necessary information for your exam (please don't look this up). But if it's too late, and you already got a 55 on your [redacted] midterm, at least you'll have some new favorite shower songs : )  

4. important characters do homework right? by Sophia (General Manager) 

Description: Sometimes you just want to feel like you're Luke in Professor Layton, intelligent enough to solve the puzzles you're given and important enough to advance the storyline. This playlist gives you the soundtrack to navigate through your own storyline, one where doing hw actually makes a difference. Let's be the main character of our own storylines, even if your character arc starts with you struggling to write a 10 page research paper at midnight or genuinely having no clue how to solve your engineering dynamics problem set.

5. Hit the Books by Gianna (Program Director) 

Description: A lot of the songs on my Hit The Books playlist share a cute, common trope — repetition. When you repeat an action or rehash a concept over and over again in your brain it creates more synapses and activity, meaning you’ll learn more, and remember more. I think the repetitive nature also sends me into a trance, and the relative lyrical simplicity of the songs isn’t too distracting. Featuring Young Marble Giants, Mort Garson, Noun (Marissa Paternoster), Cocteau Twins, Strawberry Switchblade, The Beatles, and more, this playlist has some nice little bops that will have you hitting the books when you really need to.

6. study sess by Tyriek (Op Admin) 

Description: when you’re at the point of pulling your hair out, tearing up your notes, and withdrawing from school, throw on this playlist. it’ll help you chill out and remember that better days will come