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K-pop Kountdown - Summer 2017
by Katie Brownlie

Hello Coreheads, it's your resident K-pop fanatic, Lady K! I'm going to start a segment where I list my favorite K-pop songs of the month. However, I can't neglect all the awesome songs that came out over the summer, so here's my fave list of them!


1. Anck Su Namun - Yezi (this song is like Korea's version of Bodack Yellow #banger)

2. As If It's Your Last - BlackPink (fire emoji fire emoji fire emoji)

3. Babe - Hyuna (for all the wannabe cougars out there)

4. Coloring Book - Oh My Girl (Lady K can never resist horns and cutesy excitable girl groups)

5. Deep Blue Eyes - Girls Next Door (fake band from a TV show, but the song is legit fire)

6. Don't Wanna Cry - Seventeen (sounds like Chainsmokers, major bop)

7. Eclipse - Kim Lip (dreamy girl-crush dance pop)

8. Gashina - Sunmi (Korea's sultry dance song of the summer)

9. Palette - IU (soft and sweet anthem for all 20-somethings)

10. Really Really - Winner (you can't sit still when this jam comes on *body rolls*)

11. Red Flavor - Red Velvet (if teenage summer had a sound, this would be it) 

12. Rollin' - Brave Girls (jammy island vibes from an underrated girl group)

13. Signal - Twice (when your crush can't take a hint, play this cutesy bop for them)

14. Spotlight - Sohee (catchy laidback R&B pop, older k-pop fans will get BoA vibes)

15. Why Don't You Know - Chungha (tropical house-esque track from Korea's newst dancing queen)