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Local Artist Showcase

We're proud to present the first part of our digital Local Artist Showcase! Make sure to check out these very talented musicians who deserve more attention. 

1. Travelers of An Empty Mind

An eclectic mix of metal instrumentation with vocals derived from rock-rap hybrid acts and black metal screams. Travelers of an Empty Mind is a band of high school friends, Chris Travis and Fred Quayenortey, from Old Bridge, NJ. They specialize in the combining of hip hop and metal into their own funky style. Led by Chris's aggressive slap bass and Fred's mind-bending bars, TEM invites you to take a trip to the quirky side of heavy metal. 

2. Civic Mimic

Civic Mimic is Jeff Hersch's (Glazer, ex-Casual, ex-Decoration) contribution to the emerging solo quarantine project genre. Both albums were recorded at home using minimal resources and one microphone. High energy, low fidelity. 

3. Soular 

Soular is a product of the Internet. And for him, the Internet is the place where a clean-cut engineering major can act out and do wild s***. So whether it's shooting a video in the middle of the Livi Apts or rapping about his Tinder bio, Soular is committed to playing with ideas that'll hopefully leave you with one question: "how come nobody made a song about this before?"