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Music Staff's Top New Albums - Nov 26 - Dec 2
by Ryan Stiesi

1. A View of Earth from the Moon - Closer To A Ghost

Seattle singer/songwriter Jonathan Fickes is the artist behind A View of Earth from the Moon. The record is big and driven, pulling on themes of heartbreak and styles from the Seattle indie rock scene. The album is invigorating, ambitious and full of lush, romantic melodies.


2. Anti-Flag - American Fall

Anti-Flag has something new to tackle on the band’s 10th album. The music addresses today’s political and media climate and the “politics of distraction.” Backed up by noisy yet anthemic guitars and shouted punk-rock vocals, the band sounds fresh on their latest effort.


3. Spud Cannon - Next Time Read The Fine Print

Gary Oldman introduces Spud Cannon on the first track of the band’s new album. The music, however, can definitely stand for itself! Upbeat and fun yet raucous at the same time, Next Time Read the Fine Print is the type of album you want to get up and dance along to.