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Original Music Night at Dunellen Theatre
by Photophobic Blonde

I attended a wonderful concert on Saturday, February 25th and here I am with a review!

The 100-year-old Dunellen Theatre is a wonderful, smaller venue making it an intimate kind of gathering there on Saturday night. Plus, connected to the theatre is Zupcos Bar and Grill with great bar food that they served at tables in the theatre. Every row had tables. Don't you want to go...


Now for the music:

Completely new to me, the band Resurrextion aka ResX was very very excellent. They rocked out the house right with all original music although the very last song they played "Almost Cut My Hair" was to honor David Crosby. Very cool...

>> Learn more about the band on their Facebook!

Band members:

Singer/Keyboard Phil Ippolito

Guitar Joey Herr

Guitar Spider Daniels

Drums Johnny Burke

Bass Frank Ripnyak


The second band up was Anthony Krizan. Blues rock par exellente. Anthony plays electric guitar like a house on fire. This set featured all original music plus many songs from the CD Dust & Bones. His band included the very best musicians with a stand-alone harmonica player and a fantastic horn section and percussionist. Very, very, excellent!

>>For more information, see the band's Facebook page!

Here are the exceptional musicians that make up Anthony's band:

Guitar/Vocals Anthony Krizan

Drums John Hummel

Bass Muddy Shews

Keys John Korba

Percussion Fred Macarone

Trumpet Tony Perruso

Trombone Benjamin Clapp

Saxophone Joey Stann

Harmonica Sandy Mack


The Last band standing was Colossal Street Jam. They played wonderful original music. The highlight of the show was when Anthony and Tony Perruso joined in for a bit of jamming. Hats off to Tony Perruso who managed to steal the show from all those excellent musicians with his trumpet, whoa! The last song was a tribute to Stevie Wonder: "Superstition."

>> More info on their website!

Colossal Street Jam's excellent musicians are:

Vocals Gene Potts

Guitars and vocals Sal Marra

Bass Tony Flora

Drums and Percussion Dave Halpern

Hammond B3, Piano, Fender Rhodes Eric Safka


An overall wonderful night of music in a wonderful theatre with tables in every row!


This has been Photophobic Blonde host of Flipside Radio!