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The Core's Clothing Swap

Saturday, February 11th, The Core partnered with Rutgers club RU Thrifty to host a clothing swap in the upstairs of Livingston Student Center. 

Students brought in the clothing they didn't wear anymore to exchange them for something new! This sustainable way to shop (or swap) is cost-effective and a great way to get involved in the community. 

We had a wonderful setup thanks to RU Thrifty, and a great selection of items thanks to everyone who came and participated. So many students found new clothes they loved, and we owe it all to .. well, each other! 

Stay tuned for more events like this by following us by checking our website, or following us on Instagram and TikTok @thecorefm.

Looking for more thrifting events/clothing swaps on campus? Follow RU Thrifty on their Instagram @ru.thrifty