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Top Albums of 2022

We asked our DJs to rank their top 10 favorite albums from the past year to send off 2022!

Get recommendations from your favorite Core DJs and see how all of the albums stack up in our Station Top 10, based on the individual ranking of each DJ who participated.

Check out our 3-part Instagram series to see the complete list of DJs and what people are saying about their top albums of 2022 @thecorefm!

Station Top 10


General Manager & DJ; Show name: Good Grief!


Business director & DJ; Show name: The Raodio Show


Training Coordinator, Heavy music Director, & DJ; Show name: Epic Awesome Music Hour


Promotions Director & DJ; Show name: Lost & Found


Social Media Assistant & DJ; Show name: Skoblar Sunday Funday


Blues & Jazz Director & DJ; Show name: It Is What It Is


Webmaster, Librarian, DJ; Show name: Lost & Found


Assistant to GM & DJ; Show Name: Midnight Cafe


Operations Administrator, Librarian, DJ; Show name: The Freckle Zone